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The eBoosterTM system has a wide range of applications for water treatment.

A safe and healthy water supply without pathogens is vital for human health. The eBoosterTM inline water disinfection system is available for industrial, commercial, medical and recreational sectors.


Trusted to deliver in these sectors


Hospitals and healthcare facilities require safe water to provide a range of services. The eBoosterTM system can reduce the spread of pathogenic bacteria from water and prevent infections, ensuring a higher quality of care especially for the immuno-compromised patients.


From hotels and restaurants to gyms and cafes, clean water is essential for commercial businesses. With the eBoosterTM inline water disinfection system, you can provide better water for your employees and customers.


The eBoosterTM is a reliable and efficient water disinfection system also suitable for the agricultural sector. Eliminating harmful microbes provides livestock with a constant supply of safe and clean drinking water.


The manufacturing industry requires water for a variety of processes, and water treatment requirements can vary by industry. The eBoosterTM system can be individually designed to meet these requirements.


Swimming pools are notoriously capable of carrying microorganisms potentially capable of causing various health problems. The eBoosterTM inline water disinfection system eliminates these microorganisms sustainably and minimizing the consumption of reagents, for everyone’s enjoyment.


Water treatment is required for many processes in the mining industry. The eBoosterTM system can help improve these processes and reduce chemical consumption.