Australian Made and Owned


The eBooster TM system is powered by Ecas4 Australia, specialists in health and hygiene engineering.

Ecas4 Australia specializes in the management of safe technologies for the treatment of drinking water, preventing Legionella and biofilms, for a wide range of industrial, commercial, medical and recreational sectors.

Who we are

Ecas4 Australia deliver innovative and environmentally sound solutions to the healthcare, aged care and food sectors, enabling simplified sanitisation procedures, reduced operating costs, greater effectiveness and more sustainable processes (through the application of state-of-the art electrochemical solutions).

For over a decade, Ecas4 Australia has collaborated with major university research institutes in Australia and overseas (Italy, Germany, and Slovenia) to refine their innovative water treatment solutions.


To be a global leader in providing (electrochemical) innovation technologies for the benefit of humanity in every home, water infrastructure and healthcare institutions